A Decade of Difference

Dear Convergence Friends,

Last month, we celebrated the impact we’ve had over the past decade thanks to the stalwart support of donors and friends like you. From K-12 education to health care, economic mobility to nutrition, long-term care to incarceration, the federal budget process, and more, Convergence has bridged divides and generated results never thought possible. Just watch our new video, “There is a Better Way,” to learn more.

Convergence’s track record shows that the country is not as hopelessly divided as many people think. Under the right conditions and through skillful means, people of vastly differing ideologies and experiences can find ways to work together. And they must. We simply cannot afford and should not accept missed opportunities to improve the lives of our populace because of our differences of opinion or political affiliation.  

No matter who wins the next political battle,  we have huge issues begging for attention and will need to find common ground in order to effect positive, durable change. Convergence is bringing together key thought leaders and decision makers to create unifying visions for health reform both nationally and in the state of California. We are developing projects aimed at reducing gun violence, increasing the affordability of housing, and restoring faith in elections. And, we are supporting the two dozen members of the U.S. House of Representatives Bipartisan Working Group to work together more effectively.   

As Convergence enters its second decade, we are committed to getting the message of collaborative problem-solving out, recognized, and talked about as an effective way forward in our divided times. We want to spread the methodology among leaders at all levels to establish new ways of working together that will allow us to meet the challenges of the next decade.  

It is a lonely task building bridges in these fractious times, so we ask all of you who believe in our mission to go the extra mile with us. Please consider a contribution towards our  $250,000  year-end fundraising goal. Your support today will ensure that our critical work can continue.   

Unquestionably, 2020 promises to be a very challenging and divisive year. But when the dust settles, what kind of country will we have? Will we be any closer to finding solutions to our biggest problems? Convergence is working toward a future where differences do not stand in the way of real progress. Join us.  


Robert J. Fersh, President and Founder