U.S.-Pakistan Arts & Culture Partnerships


Thanks to relationships formed at the 2012 U.S.-Pakistan Media & Culture Forum, a major new film about leading Pakistani women was shown on opening night of the prestigious Margaret Mead Film Festival in N.Y.C. in November 2012. Read more about this amazing film on HuffingtonPost.com.




Leading U.S.-based music marketing and production company, Share the Mic, working with Georgetown University Professor Cynthia Schneider and the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan are exploring the launch of a national music competition in Pakistan that engages young adults from rural communities. Service learning and leadership training are core features of the program design.  In addition, these organizations are exploring ways to expand musical exchange programs that allow artists from the U.S. to travel to and perform at festivals in Pakistan.



Leaders from America Abroad Media, ARY, and Pakistani director Hasan Zaidi met during the 2012 U.S.-Pakistan Leaders Forum on Media & Culture and furthered their discussions of partnering to develop a documentary series featuring a top Pakistani actress touring diverse parts of the United States.  The series, filmed in 2012 is called “Reema Khan’s America” and is being broadcast nationally on one of Pakistan’s leading channels, ARY, in 2013.  To see clips,  click here.