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Jul 22 2022

Press Release: Experts across the ideological spectrum to focus on challenges facing working families

In a new framing paper, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution outlined the focus for its Supports for Working Families project, a multi-staged convening of experts that will identify areas for nonpartisan collaboration to address some of the most intractable problems facing American families today. The project, which is funded in part by The Packard Foundation, will explore challenges around childcare, financial instability, and public policy.

“In the wake of the pandemic, the challenges facing working families are more urgent than ever,” said Convergence CEO David Eisner. “Our collective success demands cooperative solutions to promote economic mobility and opportunity for the long term.”

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Jul 14 2022

Rob Fersh and Monika Glowacki on “The Conflict Tipping Podcast”

“Consensus-building has the potential to increase the quality of solutions to these problems because they are co-created.”Monika Glowacki, Director of the Convergence Dialogue on Digital Disinformation

“It’s not rocket science, but it requires great seriousness and purpose and great character—to be able to hold a safe place for everyone to talk to each other and for us to maintain our neutrality—so it doesn’t look like we come in with any preconceived notions because if we do then the trust is broken. We want everyone to feel that they can be with us.”Rob Fersh, Convergence Founder

Listen to this episode of the “Conflict Tipping Podcast,” with host Laura May, to hear Rob Fersh and Monika Glowacki speak on the methodical Convergence approach to building consensus and finding solutions.

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Jun 22 2022

Press Release: 2022 Convergence Bridge-Building Leadership Award

john a. powell Receives Convergence Bridge-Building Leadership Award

Leading researcher and thinker about strengthening American pluralism john a. powell today received the 2022 Convergence Bridge-Building Leadership Award. Convergence Center for Policy Resolution (Convergence) — which works to build trust, bridge divides and identify solutions to critical issues and strengthen America’s democracy and society, grants the award to one leader each year who demonstrates exceptional bridge-building efforts across ideological and partisan lines and embodies the imperative to bring people together to solve problems.

Presenting the award at today’s Convergence Leadership Council Meeting, CEO David Eisner lauds powell, Director of the Othering and Belonging Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, for his storied expertise and leadership in a host of civil society issues of equity and inclusion, and especially for creating and advancing his breakthrough framework of “Targeted Universalism.” The Center’s primer, “Targeted Universalism: Policy & Practice,” offers a roadmap to design policies that can simultaneously meet critical universal needs of all people, while formulating equity-based solutions for groups that have been traditionally marginalized and excluded.

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Jun 21 2022

Press Release: Mariah Levison Joins Convergence as Chief Program Officer

Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, the leading nonprofit that brings people with opposing viewpoints together to build trust, bridge divides, and identify solutions to critical issues and strengthen our democracy, announced today that Mariah Levison has been appointed as Chief Program Officer (CPO), a newly-created position on the organization’s executive team. Having led work in mediation, conflict management, and collaborative dialogue for two decades, Levison will focus on driving impact and expanding program offerings.

David Eisner, President and CEO of Convergence, said, “The position of CPO is essential for Convergence’s growth and our strategy to meet the extraordinary challenges of the moment. Mariah’s strong experience, her passion for building bridges and collaborative dialogue, and her depth of understanding of Convergence and our unique approach make her the right leader at the right time to grow our portfolio and prepare us to meet the challenges of toxic polarization and political dysfunction in solving our common issues.”

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Jun 10 2022

Press Release: Greg Campbell Joins Convergence Board

Convergence is pleased to announce that Greg Campbell has joined its Board of Directors. Campbell leverages both business and philanthropic systems to advance his passion for higher educational achievement and technology as well as of economic mobility, business ownership and other success pathways for women and people of color.

“Greg Campbell is an entrepreneur, angel investor, real estate developer, and nonprofit and community leader who has dedicated his career to building and investing in organizations that are disruptive, scalable, and noble in purpose,” said David Eisner, President and CEO of Convergence. “As Convergence and our partners continue to wrestle with America’s deep divisions and intractable issues, we are excited to tap Greg’s passion, his entrepreneurial and impact-driven mindset, and his wealth of experience in strengthening organizational effectiveness, impact and scale.”

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May 19 2022

Press Release: Convergence Dialogue on Pathways to Better Jobs Dialogue Set to Launch

Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, a nonprofit leader in bridging divides and finding collaborative solutions to intractable issues, announced the launch this month of a new project: the Convergence Dialogue on Pathways to Better Jobs (Pathways Dialogue), supported in part by Walmart and Fetzer Institute. The project will convene leaders across economic and ideological spectrums to discuss how to tackle challenges currently facing job seekers in a U.S. economy that has seen rapid transformation in recent years.

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May 12 2022

Common Ground Committee Podcast: Depolarizing America: Building Consensus Step-by-Step

“I was expecting a very hostile environment…What turned out was a very thoughtful open introspective discussion,” reflected Kelly Johnston on his first interaction with Convergence Founder Rob Fersh.

Listen as political opposites and longtime friends Rob Fersh and Kelly Johnston discuss bridge-building and why this work is so urgently needed in an era of political gridlock. .

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This podcast was co-produced in partnership with Convergence Center for Policy Resolution and is one of a series of podcasts that Common Ground Committee and Convergence are producing together.