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Dec 5 2019

Illumine America: Addressing Economic Inequality: Russell Krumnow and Sharona Shuster

“Americans are developing a shared sense that our economy is not working for most of us. It’s undeniable that inequality has become extreme. But why is this? And what should we do about it? In our Office, we’ve been asking: how can our society have conversations about reducing economic inequality without deepening divisions between people and exacerbating conflict? What conditions need to be met before we can have these constructive conversations? And what does it look like to have faith in the capacity of others to contribute constructively?”

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Oct 25 2019

The Fulcrum: Policy dispute mediators reveal their ‘secret sauce’ for bridging partisan and other divides

“After a decade of getting people on opposite ideological sides to find middle ground on some of the country’s most divisive policy fights, the nonprofit mediator organization Convergence has decided to celebrate by revealing the ‘secret sauce’ to its collaborative success.”

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Sep 19 2019

C-SPAN: Hearing on Improving Budget and Appropriations Process

Matt Owens, Executive Vice President of the Association of American Universities, and a stakeholder in our Building a Better Budget Process Project, testifies before the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress about the group’s proposals.

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Aug 26 2019

PACE Blog: Investing in Relationships to Repair our Democracy

“For foundations and philanthropists committed to addressing the challenges facing our democracy, there is a long list of pressing priorities. From reforming campaigns and elections to strengthening Congress; from protecting the rule of law to combating disinformation; from sparking local civic action to reasserting a shared national story — there is varied and vital work to be done. Yet amidst heightened polarization in a more diverse, disconnected, and fragmented society, repairing our democracy must also include a focus on how we see and relate to one another across our differences,” says Jon Gruber of the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust.

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Aug 5 2019

The Washington Post: Women Returning from Incarceration Should be a Priority | Letter to the Editor

“I was delighted to read Piper Kerman’s July 26 op-ed, “Too many women are still behind bars.” She accurately pointed out that most of these women will return to their communities ill-prepared for life at home. Without a place to live, a job or access to health and mental health care to address any trauma they suffered before and during incarceration, too many women are at risk of returning to jail or prison.”

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Jul 24 2019

Market Watch: Opinion: America’s Long-Term Care Crisis is Worsening

“The out-of-pocket costs of such assistance can be catastrophic, and few people have the necessary resources…to meet this need,” concluded the report of a nonprofit working group called the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative.”

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Jul 23 2019

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Amid Widening Inequality, How Can Jobs Restore Social Mobility? | Opinion

“A good job. A decent income. A path to upward mobility and the sense that if you work hard, it shouldn’t all hang by a thread. These are all bedrock American ideals grounded in work that have become unattainable for far too many — especially for people starting at the lower end of the economic ladder.”

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