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Jul 10 2019

Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity: Bridging the Gap to Increase Economic Mobility: A Conversation with Working Up

Spotlight spoke with Russell Krumnow, Director of the Economic Mobility and Poverty Project at Convergence, and Kate Griffin, Vice President for Programs at Prosperity Now, about the project and how it is facilitating opportunities to create work for those most in need.

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Jul 1 2019

Convergence Reentry Ready Press Release

The Convergence Reentry Ready Project announces the release of their plan for transforming incarceration and reentry systems to maximize the successful integration of individuals back into society. The report was released on June 26, 2019.

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Jun 26 2019

The Crime Report: ‘Reentry Ready’ Plan Aims to Turn Returning Citizens into Good Neighbors

“Brian Ferguson, director for the District of Columbia Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizen Affairs, has a simple answer to anyone who wonders why ordinary Americans should care about programs aimed at helping the formerly incarcerated adjust to life after prison.”

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Jun 18 2019

Media Advisory: June 26th Event To Unveil Plan for Successful Reentry from Prison

“Washington, DC – Convergence Center for Policy Resolution invites you to attend a briefing on a transformative plan designed to improve reentry success for the hundreds of thousands of individuals returning home from incarceration. The plan calls for coordination at the highest level across the multiple systems that serve incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. By focusing on what happens during incarceration and immediately afterward, it addresses a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of criminal justice reform.”

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May 14 2019

Forbes: How To Help Middle-Income Seniors Pay For Their Long-Term Care Needs

“That leaves a public insurance program of some kind. A few years ago, the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative proposed a catastrophic program, where government would pick up some costs of long-term care after someone had covered their own needs for the first couple of years. More recently, policy analysts Marc Cohen and Judy Feder suggested the same concept, expect that lower-income people would be responsible for shorter period of care and government coverage would kick in sooner.”

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May 14 2019

The New York Times: Many Americans Will Need Long-Term Care. Most Won’t be Able to Afford It.

“Mr. Gleckman looked into housing equity as a member of the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative, a group of policy experts. “In places like New York or D.C., you might think of a middle income house as worth close to a million bucks,” he said. “In a lot of the country, the value of the house is $150,000.”

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May 2 2019 “State of the Region: Businesses urged to provide role models”

“Several years ago, he [Stephan Turnipseed] and 27 fellow members of the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution asked themselves to imagine an educational system that was not based on the current model. The panel concluded that there needs to be a paradigm shift to center on the learner.”

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