Capacity Building

Convergence is available to help others use our methodology to tackle seemingly intractable issues and build capacity to foster successful dialogue now and in the future. We enable, coach, and train leaders and organizations in academia, business, non-profits, philanthropy, and government to effectively collaborate across difference to reach breakthrough results using our proven collaborative problem-solving approach.

Our signature approach includes creating an atmosphere of trust and possibility, framing a problem to ensure collaboration, and coordinating multi-sector, multi-perspective consensus and action.

Creating an Atmosphere of Trust and Possibility

  • We draw upon our decade of experience with a variety of issues to create an atmosphere where the possibility of progress is paramount and lack of progress is untenable.
  • Shared norms of confidentiality, curiosity, humility, respect, and shared humanity are the hallmark of our approach.  In this atmosphere, conflicting and divergent views are encouraged and safely shared, positive regard of all is assumed, and possibility and creativity are enhanced.
  • We foster relationships of trust by inviting participants to share their personal experiences with an issue; helping them identify shared principles and common values; nurturing their interpersonal relationships through regular informal social time; and engaging participants in small working groups to build collaborative working relationships.

Framing a Problem to Ensure Collaboration

  • We utilize comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research to develop an understanding of all the diverse viewpoints around an issue.
  • We have a proven ability to enlist the key stakeholders with the knowledge, experience, and influence, essential to resolving the problem.
  • We construct a frame and definition of the problem that is designed to attract and promote collaboration from diverse stakeholders with different perspectives.

Coordinating Multi-Sector, Multi-Perspective Consensus and Action

  • We cultivate the ownership and accountability of leaders throughout our engagement, mobilizing individuals and organizations across sectors and perspectives to reach agreement and take action together.
  • Our approach is characterized by openness to a range of solutions and paths of action to achieve change and impact.


We help organizations and groups in the following ways:

1) Collaborative problem-solving: from dialogue to action to results

Convergence leads multi-stakeholder dialogues for organizations or groups in an atmosphere where all voices and perspectives are welcomed and engaged.  Through this process, participants with differing views on critical issues develop trusting relationships and creative, enduring, actionable solutions.

2) Coaching

Convergence advises and supports organizations and groups who are executing multi-stakeholder dialogues by offering coaching, strategy, and capacity building for all phases of the process.

3) Leadership Training

Convergence trains current and emerging leaders to design and execute their own successful multi-stakeholder dialogues leading to action. We tailor programs and offer curriculum content for leadership and executive development programs.

Depending on specific needs and goals, participants will learn how:

  • to identify and apply key characteristics of effective collaborative problem-solving,
  • to develop a 360-degree view of a critical issue,
  • to define/frame a problem to enable collaborative action,
  • to build trust and relationships among individuals with divergent and/or conflicting views,
  • to facilitate discussions across perspectives and sectors to create shared solutions,
  • to catalyze collective action through multiple pathways.

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