Convergence Process

1. Identify and Research an Issue
Identify a critical national issue where division or the failure to coordinate across differing perspectives stands in the way of progress. Through research and interviews, map the perspectives and positions of the key players on the issue. Frame the challenge in a way that invites collaboration across differing points of view.

2. Convene Stakeholders and Build Trust
Enroll divergent and diverse leaders who have the collective knowledge, resources, commitment, and influence to drive change. Through professional facilitation, create space for open and safe communication. Go beyond the positions of participants to explore their underlying interests, values and concerns. Create a shared factual framework and foster curiosity to learn together.

3. Develop Shared Recommendations
Through sustained dialogue, participants push each other’s thinking and explore areas of common ground. Through negotiation and innovation, participants generate actionable recommendations that attract widespread enthusiasm and support.

4. Take Action
Stakeholders and outside partners implement an action plan, with continued support from Convergence to maximize impact.