Internship Testimonials

“Working at Convergence offers an opportunity both to develop as a professional and to help the organization develop. As an intern, your thoughts and your contributions will be valued every day as you work alongside respectful and welcoming staff. The mission of the organization is inspiring and useful for anyone interested in nonprofit work, consensus building, the project topics, or much more. This has been an excellent internship experience and I couldn’t recommend the organization more highly!” ~ Megan Mattson, Learning & Evaluation Intern, Spring 2018

“My time as a Communications and Development intern at Convergence has taught me a lot both professionally and personally. I have been able expand my skill set and strengthen the skills I possessed coming into this position. It taught me how to stimulate bipartisan conversation on controversial national issues. My time at Convergence showed me that I am truly passionate about politics and public policy and their approach opened my eyes into how to effectively work with these issues. Their unique way of convening ideologically diverse stakeholders has proven to be an effective method for their work. The various tasks I completed allowed me to understand what my strong suits are and what I want to work with in the future. Working with the Development team was a new challenge for me and resulted in a very gratifying experience. I was able to learn about foundation research, the grant process for non-profits as well as event planning and research. My overall experience was an amazing one and I’m sad to see my time at Convergence end. Every person I worked with was exceptional at their job and welcomed me with open arms. The unique approach Convergence takes with their work on various public policy projects is essential at this time in our country. My time at Convergence has positively affected both my professional and personal life and I will forever be grateful for that.” ~ Erica Springirth, Communications & Development Intern, Spring 2018

“Central to the Convergence model of dialogue leading to action is a relational imperative, a way of engagement that emphasizes listening over speaking, observation over assessment, and action over reaction. To work for this organization is to embrace a new, connected future for a now divided nation.”~ Josh Thilmany, Intern on Education Reimagined Project, Summer 2017 – Spring 2018

“My work with the HRR greatly increased my interest in health reform and confirmed my decision to pursue a career in health policy. I was able to really take ownership of my work and network with very respected health thought leaders. This experience reassured me that despite differences in ideology, people can work together in a productive manner if trust and mutual respect are established early on.”~ Brittany McCullough, Intern on Health Reform Roundtable, Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

“Convergence has provided me not only a comprehensive look into my area of study, but also the skills to reach across ideological differences to facilitate constructive action. I have learned more about myself through this internship whether it be professional development or leadership qualities, which will carry over into my future endeavors.”~ Laura Spearman, Intern on Reentry Ready Project, Summer & Fall 2017

“Working at Convergence allowed me to dive deeper into a policy area that I was already extremely passionate about but learn from experts, stakeholders, and gain tangible skills to continue working in this area. The Convergence staff is extremely kind, hardworking, and invested in the growth of their interns. This gave me an environment to blossom and gain many new skills. Your work as an intern matters and is critical to the success of projects and that kind of responsibility and trust is incomparable to other organizations.”~ Saniya Suri, Intern on Health Care Reform Project, Summer 2017

“My internship with Convergence allowed me the opportunity to directly engage in an intricate, high-level project with federal budget process experts and professionals. I was able to see the process leading to consensus between stakeholders, with ideologies spanning the entire spectrum. In addition, I expanded my network with the stakeholders and Convergence employees. I felt like a valuable team member in my project – working on research and discussion materials used in dialogue meetings. The office culture is very supportive, and I know that I will always have a family at Convergence.” ~ Kristen Truong, Intern on Federal Budget Process Reform – B3P Project, Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

“The Convergence family embraces everyone and strives to create positive change. This internship opportunity will teach you new skills and show you the effectiveness of converging new alliances.” ~ Ben Hecker, Intern on Economic Mobility and Poverty Project – Working Up!, Spring 2017

“The internship program at Convergence will introduce you to an entirely different perspective on Washington politics. You’ll see that people can actually come to a consensus and build solutions on things you would have sworn they never could before. And you’ll leave with hope for the future.” ~ Shayna Cook, Communications Intern, Summer 2016

“Before applying to Convergence for the Economic Mobility & Poverty Project summer internship, I didn’t have an idea of what my dream internship would be like. After interning here, I can say Convergence has set the bar pretty high for other internships to beat. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about many different things from the Convergence staff and the amazing people Convergence has put me in contact with during this internship. They really want their interns to have an exceptional learning experience while interning here and really take the time to plan around it. The Convergence staff is very professional and highly organized, but also some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Take my word for it and Apply!” ~ Kiauna Freeman, Intern on Economic Mobility and Poverty Project – Working Up!, Summer 2016

“Interning for the Re-imagining Education Project at Convergence has been a great opportunity to develop and expand my skillset while working towards something I care about—the future of learning.  It has been inspiring to work with visionaries to reimagine how learning takes place, and I have deepened my understanding of both consensus-building and education.  The staff at Convergence truly values their interns, and the work I have been given has been engaging and meaningful.  The time I have spent here has been tremendously valuable, and I would highly recommend that anyone interested in solving our world’s problems through collaboration check out Convergence.” ~ Jacob Fusek, Intern on the Re-imagining Education Project, Spring 2015