Education Reimagined


In six short years, Education Reimagined grew from a Convergence dialogue among leaders across the educational spectrum to an independent national organization that began in January of 2019. Education Reimagined is dedicated to transforming the educational system to one that is learner-centered – designed to focus on the individual needs of each child.

Our new case study captures how Convergence brought together unlikely allies and helped them agree on a vision for the future of learning. Through the Convergence process, dialogue stakeholders, from all sides of the education debates, came to a common understanding of what learners need to succeed and thrive in the 21st century. Their vision statement now serves a guidepost that communities and educators can adapt to create learner-centered schools and systems that work best for them. When the dialogue concluded, the stakeholders asked Convergence to continue to convene them as they dedicated themselves to bringing this powerful new vision to communities nationwide.

Today, Education Reimagined involves hundreds of educators, policy advocates, students, and other leaders who are working together to collectively to advance the vision. They serve as a powerful hub for the learner-centered education movement, driven by the Convergence commitment to honor diverse perspectives and build trusting relationships that drive positive change. Visit their website.

Listen to the Common Ground Committee Podcast: Education Reimagined

Learn more about Education Reimagined’s programs:

  • The Learning Lab involves educators in building new models and demonstrating that learner-centered education can address today’s most pressing education challenges.
  • SparkHouse ignites young learners to be powerful ambassadors for and leaders of the national learner-centered movement.
  • The Movement Builder Network harnesses the power of national and regional actors to accelerate the movement.