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Convergence Leadership Council Meeting | October 2023

October 3, 2023 2:00 pm
Public Event
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Watch the highlights from our October 2023 Convergence Leadership Council Meeting featuring:

  • Welcome from Dusie Cassata, Convergence COO (00:00)
  • An update from Jean Molino, Chair of the Convergence Board (2:00)
  • An update from Mariah Levison, Interim CEO (5:42)
  • An update from Rob Fersh, Convergence Founder (12:29)
  • A conversation with Participants of the Convergence Collaborative on Pathways to Better Jobs: Deeneaus “D” Polk (3Levate Founder), Jenna Shrove (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director of Strategic Advocacy and Advisor to the Chief Policy Officer), and Scott Fast (Innovate+Educate, Director of Colorado Projects) (14:08)
  • An update on current and future Convergence projects from program directors (1:00:27)
  • A sneak peek into Rob Fersh and Mariah Levison’s new book (1:25:11)
  • Closing Remarks from Dusie Cassata, Convergence COO (1:37:22)

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