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Convergence has long been focused on the challenges of health and wellbeing that are faced by Americans, and today it is a central focus of our work. This focus includes questions around disparities in our health care systems, declining mental health, and inadequate systems of care for families and aging populations who need them.


America needs a system of care that reflects the unique needs and realities of aging adults today and in the future.  

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Convergence Dialogue on Guns and Suicide Prevention

Convened as a cross-sector, cross-partisan group, the Dialogue forged trust, deepened mutual understanding, and identified solutions to address the urgent issue of preventing firearm suicide.

Long-Term Care financing Collaborative

Transforming the financing and delivery of long-term supports and services for older adults and disabled people.

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Convergence Project on Nutrition and Wellness

Putting market forces to work to increase the demand for healthier foods. 

California Health Reform Initiative

For over a year, diverse Dialogue members engaged in deep discussions on how to meaningfully improve California’s healthcare system to benefit consumers and workers by containing costs, promoting quality, increasing access, and improving equity.

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Convergence's Health Reform Roundtable

Reaching bipartisan agreement on shortterm efforts to shore up the nation’s healthcare system. 

Convergence Future of Health Project

Generating policy ideas to foster bipartisan cooperation on national health care reform. 

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93% of Americans say it is important to reduce divisiveness in the United States, including two-thirds who say it is very important to do so.
(Public Agenda)


72% believe Americans have more in common than what divides us.
(Public Agenda)

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