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Future of Health Project

Generating policy ideas to foster bipartisan cooperation on national health care reform.

The Vision

High-level policy experts, trade association leadership, industry decision-makers, experienced doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators, and others on the healthcare frontline worked to explore highimpact opportunities for a much-improved future healthcare system from 2018 – 2019. Participants discussed three central themes: 

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All people should have affordable, accessible health care when and where they need it.

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America needs a health system that generates high-value, financially sustainable health care.

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The system should acknowledge the importance of whole-person health and non-clinical approaches to improving individual and community health.


Members participated in over 15 work groups


Members convened as a whole group 8 times

The Problem

This project came at a time when a majority of the country was watching as health care policy emerged. Throughout the Convergence Future of Health project, few issues were as politically divisive and contentious on the national stage as health care. Congressional hearings, major administrative actions, state health reform initiatives, and public debates about the future of health care created a highpressure, high-stakes environment. Our participants forged ahead to deliver on identifying ways our nation’s health system could be improved. 


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