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Convergence works with organizations from across the political spectrum to strengthen and grow bridgebuilding efforts in America and to maximize the potential for impact with our collaborative Dialogues and innovative approaches to solve problems.

american Immigration Council

The American Immigration Council works to strengthen America by shaping how America thinks about and acts towards immigrants and immigration and by working toward a more fair and just immigration system that opens its doors to those in need of protection and unleashes the energy and skills that immigrants bring.  

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The Bridging Movement Alignment Council (BMAC) is a group of more than 40 nonprofit leaders dedicated to bridging divides in a polarized nation. 

Braver Angels

Launched in 2016, Braver Angels is a bipartisan citizen’s movement to unify our divided nation. By bringing Red and Blue Americans together into a working alliance, Braver Angels is building new ways to talk to one another, participate together in public life, and influence the direction of the nation. 

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Bridge Alliance

The Bridge Alliance is a coalition of ~100 organizations working together to promote healthy self-governance in our democratic republic. Bridge Alliance member organizations span the ideological spectrum, but are unified to work efficiently, outside arbitrarily defined political lines. 


BridgeUSA is a youth-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates spaces on high school and college campuses for open discussion between students about political issues. Political division is one of our biggest challenges in the United States.  

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Civic Genius

Civic Genius aims to overcome political polarization and rebuild American civic culture through everyday opportunities to learn and engage. Through programs designed to meet you wherever you are in your civic engagement, then build on the common ground that already exists across personal backgrounds and political affiliations, Civic Genius is working to get our democratic experiment back on track. 

Citizen connect

Citizen Connect is a non-partisan platform dedicated to helping Americans right, left, and center find ways to heal our divides and strengthen this great nation.

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Civic Squared

Civil Squared’s purpose is to get un-likeminded people talking again because that’s how, together, we’ll create the most effective solutions to the challenges our communities face. Today’s problems won’t be solved by silencing disagreement. Civil discourse is essential to building and maintaining a free and prosperous society. A truly free society requires not just free exchanges of goods and services, but a free exchange of ideas. 


Civity, a national nonprofit organization founded in 2013, works with people to build the relational infrastructure necessary for communities in which everyone has what they need to thrive. 

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Common Ground committee

Common Ground Committee inspires and motivates the public to find common ground and reduce incivility and polarization for a stronger nation. CGC does this by demonstrating how influential people of opposing views can unexpectedly find agreement without compromising core values. CGC provides innovative content and tools that empower individuals and consequently, their political leaders to do the same. 

Consensus Building Institute

Consensus Building Institute is a nonprofit organization with decades of experience helping leaders collaborate to solve complex problems. CBI staff are experts in facilitation, mediation, capacity building, citizen engagement, and organizational strategy and development.  CBI is committed to using our skills to build collaboration on today’s most significant social, environmental, and economic challenges. CBI works within and across organizations, sectors, and stakeholder groups. 

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Edwards Mediation Academy

Edwards Mediation Academy offers online mediation training, taught by some of the most experienced mediators in the world. The online mediation courses teach alternative dispute resolution skills to a global audience, with a particular emphasis on attorneys, judges and business and community leaders.  Edwards Mediation Academy’s approach to mediation training emphasizes real world practical knowledge, making use of interactive online teaching methods.  


FixUS is committed to engaging fellow citizens to better understand and address our nation’s growing divisions, dysfunction, and distrust in our political system. Through a number of research projects, public engagement efforts and partnerships, FixUS seeks to bring attention and visibility to these issues, build support for necessary changes, and ultimately help to regain a sense of shared aspirations, values, and a belief that there is more that unites us than divides us. 

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Independent Sector

Independent Sector is the only national membership organization that brings together a diverse community of changemakers, nonprofits, foundations, and corporations working to strengthen civil society and ensure all people in the United States thrive. 

Interfaith America

Interfaith America inspires, equips, and connects individuals and institutions to unlock the potential of America’s religious diversity. 

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Listen First Project

Listen First Project leads the collaborative movement to heal America by bridging divides. Listen First Project transforms division and contempt into connection and understanding. The organization elevates the impact, visibility, and voice of the interpersonal bridge-building field by aggregating, aligning, and amplifying the efforts of 400+ #ListenFirst Coalition partner organizations into large scale, national campaigns and strategies. Listen First Project is a catalyst of and backbone for collective impact. 

Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations works to heal society by connecting people across divides – politics, age, gender, race, nationality, and more – through guided conversations proven to build understanding and transform communities. 

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More in Common

More in Common is a research and civic nonprofit that works to build more united and inclusive democratic societies, where people believe and feel that what they have in common is stronger than what divides them. More in Common conducts unique public opinion and behavioral research into underlying drivers of social fracture and then works with a broad range of partners on efforts to bring people together across lines of difference to solve problems and make progress. More in Common works as part of an international initiative with partner groups in the UK, France, and Germany. 

One America Movement

The One America Movement is a national nonprofit confronting toxic polarization in our society. We equip faith communities to confront division and work together across political, racial, and religious divides to solve problems that matter. 

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New Pluralists

New Pluralists is a funder collaborative focused on supporting the growing field of practitioners, storytellers, researchers, and innovators working to foster a culture of pluralism in America. 

Presidential Leadership Scholars

Presidential Leadership Scholars brings together bold and principled leaders who are committed to facing critical challenges, both at home and around the world, and who are interested in exploring lessons learned during the administrations of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon B. Johnson. 

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Starts with Us

A community of problem solvers focused on rebuilding our social fabric through daily behaviors that encourage trust, goodwill, and skills that empower each of us to have productive and meaningful dialogue across differences.

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