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June 2022 Leadership Council Meeting

Virtual Event
June 22, 2022 10:00 am
Public Event
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Read on to learn more about the June 22, 2022 Leadership Council meeting and watch the event recordings.

A Conversation with john powell: 2022 Recipient of the Convergence Bridge-Building Leadership Award

“Bridge-building is saying ‘I respect you. I want to hear you. I’m not questioning you humanity. I’m curious about you. We won’t agree but I will listen to you.’”

Tune in to hear more from the inspiring conversation with 2022 recipient of the Convergence Bridge-Building Leadership Award, John Powell.


Economic Opportunity Discussion June 2022 Leadership Council

“Access to economic opportunity for everyone and a multiple pathways approach to opportunity where there’s lots of ways to get on track that really fit with your own life and life experience… We believe that that’s actually connected to our health as a society and our democracy overall.” – Russell Krumnow, Vice President, Programs

Watch for an immersive look into Convergence’s Economic Opportunity Portfolio, and hear from several staff members actively involved with the work, including:

  • Mariah Levison: Convergence’s new Chief Program Officer (who many of you may know from her service on the Leadership Council!)
  • Russell Krumnow: Vice President, Programs
  • Anita Chandramohan: Director, Convergence Dialogue on Pathways to Better Jobs
  • Abby McCloskey: Director, Convergence Dialogue on Supports for Working Families

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