Civic Genius is a colleague organization in the bridge-building field. A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, Civic Genius helps Americans become and remain active citizens who work together across party lines. Civic Genius believes that as more citizens become engaged in concrete and meaningful ways, they will find opportunities to work together and encourage their leaders to find common ground.

Through events and content that explore areas of agreement, educate citizens on how to take action, and connect constituents directly to their elected representatives, Civic Genius offers an accessible entry point for Americans who want to impact public policy.

Convergence’s partnership with Civic Genius offers an opportunity to connect our respective missions and work and to link our deep national dialogues with Civic Genius’ local gatherings. In partnership with Convergence, Civic Genius recently facilitated a grassroots-level conversation on childcare, allowing Convergence to gather public input on issues under discussion by our Economic Recovery dialogue participants.

Another bridge-building colleague organization that engages college students, BridgeUSA, champions ideological diversity, promotes a solution-oriented political culture, and teaches constructive engagement in order to develop a generation of political leaders that value empathy and common purpose. By catalyzing their passion to invest in the future of democracy, BridgeUSA is developing the next generation of engaged, informed, and constructive citizens.

Convergence is partnering with BridgeUSA to expand our exposure among young adults, an audience with whom Convergence needs to increase our engagement. And, we offer BridgeUSA an opportunity to connect its campus convenings with our national dialogues.

As part of our partnership, BridgeUSA held a series of discussions with college students about a variety of topics including economic recovery, college education systems, and government issues in the wake of COVID-19. Check out the following videos for 1-minute highlight reels of these insightful conversations.