Our Projects

Convergence tackles a range of complex national issues where we believe our dialogue-to-action methodology can lead to new ideas and solutions. We bring together stakeholders with diverse perspectives on an issue – business leaders, policy practitioners, non-profit executives, elected officials, think-tank experts, academics, and community leaders – to build relationships over time and work to identify and implement new pathways and solutions. Convergence projects lead to results including bipartisan federal and state legislation, public/private partnerships, public education and awareness campaigns, and grassroots networks.

Current Projects


Building a Better Budget Process
Reforming the federal budget process to improve the budget decisions Congress makes each year.

California Health Reform Initiative
Expanding coverage and enacting other reforms to improve health care in California.

Future of Health
Generating policy ideas that can foster bipartisan cooperation on national health care reform.

Hand Outstretched

Reentry Ready
Improving reentry success for the thousands of individuals returning from prison or jail.

Working with Congress
Strengthening relationships across the aisle to advance problem-solving in Congress.

Working Up: A Dialogue for Action to Increase Economic Mobility
Increasing economic mobility for low-income Americans.

Past Projects


Education Reimagined
A nationally-recognized organization that grew out of our K-12 education project, committed to making learner-centered education available to every child in the U.S.

Health Reform Roundtable
Reaching bipartisan agreement on short term efforts to shore up the nation’s healthcare system.


Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative
Transforming the financing and delivery of long-term supports and services for elderly and disabled persons.


Project on Nutrition and Wellness
Putting market forces to work to increase the demand for healthier foods.


U.S.-Pakistan Leaders Forum
Deepening cooperation and mutual respect between the U.S. and Pakistan.