California Health Reform

Convergence California Health Reform Initiative

The Challenge
For more than twenty years, California’s leaders have been debating how to effectively reform California’s health care system. The debate continues to take center stage as the legislature considers new health care related bills that would expand coverage and enact other reforms. Policymakers and health care leaders alike believe the time is right for additional reforms that will make health care more affordable to consumers, businesses and governments, and provide equitable access to high-quality care and service.

Project Overview
Convergence has brought together a unique group of leaders representing diverse constituencies for a deep, creative discussion on pathways to health care reform. As a neutral, non-partisan convener, Convergence facilitates the conversation by establishing trust, uncovering common ground, and building consensus across a broad set of constituencies.

Using Convergence’s dialogue-to-action model, the California Health Reform Initiative (CHRI) launched its stakeholder process in October 2018 with its first stakeholder meeting in Sacramento. Senior officials representing providers, consumers, payers, and academia came together for a respectful and robust conversation about common goals for California’s health care system. CHRI has held six convenings so far, and is preparing recommendations based on the dialogue among those stakeholders.

Moving Forward
Upon achieving consensus on its recommendations, the working group will pursue an action plan to communicate those recommendations to lawmakers and the public. CHRI is currently in the planning stages and expects to present the project’s recommendations in the coming months.

Convergence has substantial experience with health-related projects. At the national level, Convergence convened a successful Health Reform Roundtable involving ideologically diverse and nationally respected health policy thought leaders. The members of that separate Convergence effort reached agreement on bipartisan policy pathways forward at two critical points in the 2017 health care debates. Convergence remains engaged on a national level in health care policy issues through the Future of Health project.

Convergence has received generous funding to support the California Health Reform Initiative in completing the dialogue process and is exploring additional funding opportunities to foster next steps. Thank you to White & Case for their generous pro bono support for the project.