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Buttigieg Proposes An Ambitious—And Much Needed—Long-Term Care

Howard Gleckman, Participant and Steering Committee Member in the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative provides an overview of Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s plan for Long-Term Care in Forbes, noting, “Buttigieg, who says he learned about the failures of the existing system when trying to plan for the care of his late father, paired his long-term care package with major Social Security and retirement reforms…

He calls his plan Long-Term Care America. It is built around a universal, public $90-a-day catastrophic insurance plan for people over age 65 with physical or cognitive limitations. (Buttigieg has separate proposals for younger people with disabilities) Public catastrophic insurance has been recommended by the Long-Term Care Collaborative. (which I helped convene) and the Bipartisan Policy Center.”

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