Convergence Center For Policy Resolution

Convergence Ramps Up Strategy And Investments To Solve Critical National Issues And Lower Toxic Polarization

Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, the bridge-building leader in consensus-driven problem-solving, has launched a significant expansion and acceleration of its work to bridge toxic divisions and address intractable issues in America, according to the new 5-Year Strategy Convergence made public today.

Citing extensive statistics that document alarm among citizens, national security experts, corporate leaders and other communities about the level of toxic polarization and problem-solving paralysis, the published 5-Year Strategy offers a blueprint for Convergence to drive greater impact and marshal increased resources in pursuit of twin goals: producing actionable solutions to urgent problems and fostering a culture of collaboration across differences.

“If there was ever an all-hands-on-deck moment for addressing divisiveness and dysfunction in America, this is it,” said Convergence CEO David Eisner. “At Convergence, we’re doing our part to meet the urgent demands of a dangerously polarized America in three ways. We’re doubling-down on our reliably successful bridge-building, consensus-forging and problem-solving to solve more issues and reach more people across communities and sectors; we’re leveraging this well-honed approach to address toxic polarization and problem-solving dysfunction more systemically; and we’re building new pathways to inspire, equip and mobilize others to help make collaboration a norm across the country.”

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