Convergence Center For Policy Resolution

Democracy Funders Network: Toward More Effective National Governing Institutions — A Guide for Funders

We are pleased to share that Convergence has been featured among the top 30 nonprofits in a select funder guide by Democracy Funders Network titled, “Toward More Effective National Governing Institutions: A Guide for Funders.”

The document outlines key organizations working towards effective governing, stating:

“This guide provides profiles of organizations doing critical work to strengthen our national governing institutions…Convergence has advised the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress as a member of the Fix Congress Cohort. It has also improved constituent engagement by providing House offices with information related to nonprofit organizations and resources that can offer new tools for constituent communication. Convergence has provided facilitation support on strategic priority setting for the Bipartisan Working Group, an off-the-record collective of House members from both sides of the aisle. They also convene the Roundtable on Civil Service Modernization, an incubator for scholars, practitioners, labor leaders, and congressional and agency stakeholders to germinate, investigate and circulate ideas about the future federal career workforce, including steps to transform the system and how to attract, retain, and develop a talented and diverse workforce for the future.”

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