Convergence Center For Policy Resolution

John A. Powell Receives Convergence Bridge-Building Leadership Award

Leading researcher and thinker about strengthening American pluralism john a. powell today received the 2022 Convergence Bridge-Building Leadership Award. Convergence Center for Policy Resolution (Convergence) — which works to build trust, bridge divides and identify solutions to critical issues and strengthen America’s democracy and society, grants the award to one leader each year who demonstrates exceptional bridge-building efforts across ideological and partisan lines and embodies the imperative to bring people together to solve problems.

Presenting the award at today’s Convergence Leadership Council Meeting, CEO David Eisner lauds powell, Director of the Othering and Belonging Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, for his storied expertise and leadership in a host of civil society issues of equity and inclusion, and especially for creating and advancing his breakthrough framework of “Targeted Universalism.” The Center’s primer, “Targeted Universalism: Policy & Practice,” offers a roadmap to design policies that can simultaneously meet critical universal needs of all people, while formulating equity-based solutions for groups that have been traditionally marginalized and excluded.

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