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News from the States: Where is the common ground for abortion-rights opponents and supporters?

In an April 25, 2024 piece, Sofia Resnick, wrote a deep dive into Convergence’s initiatives with Starts with Us on building cross-partisan solutions on abortion issues in the state of Wisconsin. Resnick included quotes from participants of the work and highlighted where they began to come together. The piece also described the methodology Convergence’s CEO and President, Mariah Levison used to build consensus saying,

“[Mariah] Levison told the participants they must find OPTIONS: Only proposals that include others’ needs succeed. She had them consider the example of a neighbor complaining about the other’s constantly barking dog. A real consensus solution, she explained, goes beyond keeping vs. getting rid of the dog. And she instructed them not to compromise; if a proposal would cause anyone “heartburn,” it didn’t go on the final list.”


This article is the second piece from a three-part series. Read the first piece:

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