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Tear Up The GOP Health Bill And Start Over

June 28, 2017
The Wall Street Journal

William A. Galston points to our Heath Reform Roundtable ideas as a possible way forward in his weekly column:

“This week a bipartisan group of health-care experts, represented by Lanhee Chen of the conservative Hoover Institution and Ron Pollack of the liberal Families USA, presented their consensus in an op-ed for this newspaper. Messrs. Chen and Pollack suggested means-tested subsidies for low-income Americans, “reasonable limits” on the tax-exclusion for employer-sponsored insurance, “carefully developed state testing” as a “primary engine” for Medicaid reform, and increased flexibility for states, subject to “safeguards” to prevent funds intended to help the poor from being diverted up the income scale or for other purposes. Overall, they wrote that these “incremental policies” would ‘help families of limited means secure the care they need.’”

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