Convergence Center For Policy Resolution

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Want to Solve Polarization? Encourage More People to Volunteer

In an August 15 column Founder and President of Interfaith America, Eboo Patel wrote about the critical role that volunteerism can play in building bridges across political differences, and he highlighted the just-released working paper from Convergence President & CEO David Eisner and co-author John Gomperts, No Greater Mission. No Greater Means, as a model for this approach:

“This clear goal gives rise to a concrete strategy: train AmeriCorps volunteers and alumni in bridge-building skills and send them forth to heal divides across the nation. Encourage philanthropy to support them and engage researchers to make sure that they are doing their work effectively. Eisner and Gomperts call this “Civic CPR,” a term I hope catches on.”

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