Convergence Center For Policy Resolution

The War On Partisanship

In “The War On Partisanship”, Rebecca Nelson, White House Correspondent for the National Journal describes where Convergence fits within the field of organizations working to promote bipartisanship in a variety of ways:

In a sim­il­ar vein to BPC, the Con­ver­gence Cen­ter for Policy Res­ol­u­tion brings to­geth­er stake­hold­ers to dive deep in­to long-term pro­jects—tack­ling everything from edu­ca­tion to U.S.-Pakistan re­la­tions. Maja Kristin, a former lit­ig­at­or in Cali­for­nia and Con­ver­gence Cen­ter board mem­ber who has giv­en close to $1 mil­lion to the non­profit’s ef­forts, calls that pro­cess “ma­gic.” She ex­per­i­enced it her­self, she says, dur­ing a meet­ing on nu­tri­tion and well­ness with Richard Land, pres­id­ent of the South­ern Evan­gel­ic­al Sem­in­ary. “I’m an old fem­in­ist,” Kristin told me, ex­plain­ing that she knew she wouldn’t agree with Land on abor­tion rights. But listen­ing to him talk about how obesity was af­fect­ing the poor in his home state, she real­ized, “We may not agree on one sub­ject, but boy, we can make head­way on this oth­er sub­ject.”

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