Convergence was founded by people with deep experience in policy, politics, mediation, and other fields.  We operate from the premise that no one individual, group or ideology holds all the answers to any particular national challenge.   Our experience suggests that wise and widely supportable solutions emerge when  those who disagree, or those who are yet to integrate their differing knowledge and experience, engage constructively with each other.

Members of Convergence’s Board, Leadership Council and Staff have led successful projects in the areas of health care coverage, U.S.-Muslim relations, and faith-based initiatives under the auspices of Search for Common Ground, an international conflict transformation organization.   Building on this experience, they formed Convergence to focus exclusively on major policy challenges—both domestic and international—facing the U.S.

Starting with a project on U.S.-Pakistan (itself a partnership of Convergence with the Consensus Building Institute and the Institute for Resource and Security Studies), Convergence is now the lead organization in four major projects.  In addition to the U.S.-Pakistan Leaders Forum, we have conceived and organized projects on nutrition and wellness (focusing on diabetes and obesity in the U.S.), and on re-imagining education for children and youth in the U.S.  We are also playing the lead role in convening stakeholders on the issue of long-term care supports and services for elderly and disabled persons in the U.S.