Convergence Center For Policy Resolution

Government’s Untapped Talent Resource: Its Own Retirees

Read this in-depth Governing piece from Convergence Roundtable on Civil Service Modernization Participant and public sector expert, Howard Risher, on hiring retirees back to public service. Howard Risher writes on the benefits of hiring retirees and gives an overview of the Roundtable’s Blueprint for Action’s solutions on the topic stating:

“That issue [on retiree hiring] is among those recently taken up by the Washington-based Convergence Center for Policy Resolution in a policy blueprint for reforming the federal civil service. Many of the research organization’s recommendations for the federal workforce are just as applicable to state and local governments. They were refined over more than a year with input from a roundtable of civil service experts. (I was a participant.)

The Convergence group that focused on retiree hiring concluded that ‘talent gaps across agencies arise at all level of experience, and sometimes occur with positions that require a level of technical expertise that may be difficult … to fill with entry-level hires or mid-career transfers from other sectors.’ Its core recommendation is that the federal government re-examine double-dip policies and other financial disincentives for retirees.”

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