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NC Newsline: Supporting North Carolina’s working families must be a bipartisan cause

In a May 2nd NC Newsline piece, Convergence Collaborative on Supports for Working Families participant, Joe Waters, wrote about his experience in the Convergence Collaborative and about how the group’s Blueprint for Action can influence positive change. Waters noted that:

“The American family is our nation’s greatest strength. Yet our country is failing them. As we navigate a year fraught with partisanship and conflict, we also have an opportunity to recommit to an inclusive America where raising a family, working, and contributing to our communities is not just feasible but easier. I was recently part of an effort to do just that. The Convergence Collaborative on Supports for Working Families, a bipartisan collaboration of leaders from many backgrounds and political beliefs, was an opportunity to step back from the political maelstrom and concentrate on how to support working families better.”

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