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NPR: Should the government do more to help children? This bipartisan group thinks so

In a March 6th piece, Cory Turner provides an optimistic overview of the Convergence Collaborative on Supports for Working Families Blueprint for Action writing,

“It’s hard to imagine government, as polarized as it is, agreeing on anything that might help.

And yet.

A new report suggests there are bold moves that folks across the political spectrum can agree on.

The report is the result of a yearlong effort called the Convergence Collaborative on Supports for Working Families. Throughout 2023, the collaborative convened meetings among some 30 think-tankers, policy wonks, child development experts and government influencers — from the hard left to the far right — and tasked them with forging consensus on ways to help families.”

The piece also included some powerful quotes from participants, Lina Guzman Christopher Towner, and Sarah Rittling on their experience with the Collaborative!

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