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Press Release: New Book by Consensus-Building Leaders

 “From Conflict to Convergence: Coming Together to Solve Tough Problems 

Washington, D.C., July 10, 2024 Convergence Center for Policy Resolution announces the upcoming release of From Conflict to Convergence: Coming Together to Solve Tough Problems by Convergence Founder and First CEO Rob Fersh and CEO and President Mariah Levison. Available for pre-order now, it will be published on July 30th, 2024. A guide to breaking barriers and forging lasting solutions in a world increasingly marked by division, Fersh and Levison provide practical conflict resolution strategies with real-life stories. 

“Consensus-building is my life’s work. I’ve built unlikely alliances and strong friendships across political ideologies. Beyond Convergence’s policy impact, the organization is supported by a diverse community that is living proof of the methodology described in this book,” says Fersh on his decades of dedication to collaborative problem-solving. 

“I’ve always found being in a room of contention an opportunity as opposed to an impossible challenge. Problem-solving across differences brings wise, durable solutions and I’m thrilled to be sharing techniques on how to achieve them through this book,” adds Levison.  

The book received early endorsements: 

“Rob Fersh and Mariah Levison provided a critical and practical guide on how to renew our democracy. This book is an essential antidote to gridlock and dysfunction. Like the authors, I have experienced Washington at its best. We know what works.”  

Leon E. Panetta, Former Secretary of Defense 

“The authors offer tested and proven strategies for necessary but difficult work. They understand that attending to relationships and developing trust are the core of collaborative problem-solving. This is, ultimately, a book about leadership.” 

Becky Pringle, President, National Education Association 

“From Conflict to Convergence sheds light on another path to the future: one that recalls the values and virtues of our democracy as it guides us through collaborative problem-solving on contentious policy issues to the creation of solutions of mutual gain serving the larger public good. In these troubling times of tumult and turmoil, nothing could be better than that!”  

Marc Racicot, Former Governor of Montana; Former RNC Chairman 

For more information and to pre-order your copy, please visit: ConvergencePolicy.org/Book 


About Convergence Center for Policy Resolution  

Convergence is the leading organization bridging divides to solve critical issues. Through our time-tested collaborative problem-solving methodology, we bring people together across ideological, political, and identity lines to improve the lives of Americans and strengthen democracy. Learn more at: convergencepolicy.org 

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