Podcast: How a Budget Mess in Congress Hurts All of Us

Convergence Board member Alison Acosta Winters joins her political opposite Emily Holubowich to discuss how to build a better budget process for a more efficient government.

David Eisner, Bridging Across Difference in Polarized Times

Convergence CEO David Eisner talks about the increasing role of bridging organizations in cultivating relationships across difference, and working to preserve and nurture healthy civic spaces.

Convergence Dialogue on Guns & Suicide Prevention Report Released

New! The Convergence Dialogue on Guns and Suicide Prevention released its highly-anticipated report on firearm suicide prevention strategies. Read the report and watch the webinar with Dialogue participants.

Rob Talks Politics, Polarization, and Solutions.

Our founder Rob Fersh discusses his career in politics and how Convergence convenes groups with conflicting views to build trust and find solutions to critical national issues.

Convergence Dialogue on Reimagining Care for Older Adults Launched

Diverse group of leaders and experts on aging and caregiving for older adults convene to forge consensus policy solutions to help older adults thrive.

Author Amanda Ripley Speaks to Convergence

“Any intuitive thing you do during high conflict will make it worse,” explained best-selling author Amanda Ripley during an in-depth interview at our October Leadership Council meeting. See more to watch the live stream replay.

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We convene people and groups with divergent views to build trust, identify solutions, and form alliances for action on critical national issues.

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We envision a world where differences are valued, diversity is embraced, and collaborative conversations are common.

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