New Release: 2021 Prospectus

Learn more about Convergence’s work and impact in our Prospectus. By investing in Convergence, you become part of restoring hope in our country’s ability to transcend differences and solve critical national issues.

Just Resolutions: Hope and Help for Collaborative Approaches to Divisive Issues

“While divisions do run deep, the drumbeat we hear may well overstate the reality… we really can do something about it.” Read more from Convergence Founder and Senior Advisor Rob Fersh.

Podcast: Education Reimagined

Becky Pringle, a teachers union advocate, and Gisèle Huff, a charter school advocate, formed an unlikely and lasting friendship during Convergence’s Education Reimagined project. Listen to their story now!

Podcast: The Long-Term Care Crisis

Hear from Convergence Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative participants Howard Gleckman, Stuart Butler, and Paul Van de Water about bridging deep ideological differences and finding common solutions for aging Americans.

Addressing Toxic Polarization: A Deep Dive Discussion

Hear from Convergence, One America Movement, Search for Common Ground, and Civic Genius about dismantling the division industry, diffusing difficult conversations, and more. Watch the event recording now!

Our Mission

We convene people and groups with divergent views to build trust, identify solutions, and form alliances for action on critical national issues.

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Our Projects

Our Vision

We envision a world where differences are valued, diversity is embraced, and collaborative conversations are common.

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