How not to let fear isolate you from people with different opinions

“I… found a profound level of fulfillment in identifying deeper common ground with people toward whom I assumed I’d feel enmity,” writes CEO David Eisner in USA Today about having difficult conversations.

Supplement to “Rethinking Care for Older Adults”

The current U.S. long-term care system needs much more than a facelift. Read the Convergence report compiled by Board Member Stuart Butler with 15 ideas for administrative action to improve care, housing, and services for older adults. 

Addressing Toxic Polarization: A Deep Dive Discussion

The conversation continues! Hear from Convergence, One America Movement, Search for Common Ground, and Civic Genius about dismantling the division industry, diffusing difficult conversations, and more. Register now!

Online Dialogue Guide

Our Online Dialogue Guide by Vicki Veenker translates Convergence trust-building and facilitation techniques for the virtual world, with tips and tools for bridge-builders, mediators, facilitators, and anyone looking to foster engagement online. 

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We convene people and groups with divergent views to build trust, identify solutions, and form alliances for action on critical national issues.

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