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Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity: Convergence Collective Offers Bipartisan Plan for Family Flourishing

In a May 1st piece, Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity captured an interview by Bill Nichols with Convergence Collaborative on Supports for Working Families Director, Abby McCloskey. Abby spoke about the Collaborative’s Blueprint for Action and possibilities for further impact noting that,

“When it came down to coming up with a vision for family flourishing and shared principles, there is indeed a lot about what that looks like that people hold in common. And so, what comes next in some ways is the most valuable part of it, particularly the relationships formed. Sure, D.C. is a small town, the early childhood community is a small community, but having 30 people who now know each other better and have worked together is an exciting prospect for all sorts of different alliances.”

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