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Sep 13 2022

Convergence and CBI Release Report on the Pocantico Convening on Service and Bridging

Earlier this year, Convergence Teamed up with the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) to bring together leaders and experts in the fields of non-profit service, national service, and conflict resolution to answer the question “How can volunteering in our communities help bridge our divisions?”

This report is the product of that collaborative dialogue. It offers timely and actionable insights on how service organizations can advance both service and bridging goals by building understanding and relationships among volunteers, community members, staff and leadership. We are thrilled to share these with anyone interested in bridging divides at a time of extraordinary polarization, and we look forward to seeing them implemented in large and small ways across the country.

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Sep 12 2022

Press Release: Convergence Ramps Up Strategy and Investments to Solve Critical National Issues and Lower Toxic Polarization

Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, the bridge-building leader in consensus-driven problem-solving, has launched a significant expansion and acceleration of its work to bridge toxic divisions and address intractable issues in America, according to the new 5-Year Strategy Convergence made public today.

Citing extensive statistics that document alarm among citizens, national security experts, corporate leaders and other communities about the level of toxic polarization and problem-solving paralysis, the published 5-Year Strategy offers a blueprint for Convergence to drive greater impact and marshal increased resources in pursuit of twin goals: producing actionable solutions to urgent problems and fostering a culture of collaboration across differences.

“If there was ever an all-hands-on-deck moment for addressing divisiveness and dysfunction in America, this is it,” said Convergence CEO David Eisner. “At Convergence, we’re doing our part to meet the urgent demands of a dangerously polarized America in three ways. We’re doubling-down on our reliably successful bridge-building, consensus-forging and problem-solving to solve more issues and reach more people across communities and sectors; we’re leveraging this well-honed approach to address toxic polarization and problem-solving dysfunction more systemically; and we’re building new pathways to inspire, equip and mobilize others to help make collaboration a norm across the country.”

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Sep 8 2022

Assisted living communities should be integrated into greater community, report recommends

“Assisted living communities and other congregate care settings are “vital” and should be more fully integrated into surrounding communities through short-term respite care, adult day services, and mental health and cognitive care resources, recommends a new report released Wednesday by the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution. The report…aims to provide actionable solutions to improve the nation’s systems of care. The recommendations, according to the authors, reflect the unique needs and realities of aging adults today and in the future.”

Read more by Kimberly Bonvissuto in McKnight’s Senior Living

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Sep 8 2022

Rethinking Long-Term Care Starts With 5-Star Redesign, Adequate Funding, Community Tie-In

“Convergence [Dialogue] members – long-term care leaders from across the political spectrum – came together to propose changes to America’s care systems that better reflect the unique needs and realities of aging adults.

“One of the Convergence report’s big ideas is a recognition of both nursing homes’ vital role within the health care continuum as well as their connection to the community in which they operate,” Robyn Stone said in an email to Skilled Nursing News. “Nursing homes in many cities and towns are significant employers, for instance. There’s opportunity for growth here, that would have multiple benefits.” Stone, a Convergence member, is senior vice president for LeadingAge and co-director of LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston.”

Read more from this Skilled Nursing News piece by Amy Stulick.

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Sep 7 2022

A Valuable New Framework For Improving The Care Of Older Adults

“For the past year, a broadly diverse group of long-term care policy experts have been working to develop such a framework. Today, they released the results of their labors, done under the auspices of The Convergence Center for Policy Resolution.

The most important outcome of this project, led by Stuart Butler of the Brookings Institution, is that a diverse group of policy experts could reach broad consensus on many critical long-term care issues.”

Read more from this Forbes piece by Howard Gleckman, Convergence Dialogue on Reimagining Care for Older Adults Dialogue and Steering Committee member.

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Sep 7 2022

Press Release: Leaders from Across Political Spectrum Release Consensus Recommendations for Reimagining Care for Older Adults

In a new report, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution released recommendations from its Convergence Dialogue on Reimagining Care for Older Adults. The report offers consensus solutions produced by leaders and experts who participated from across the political spectrum in a multi-stage convening. These unlikely allies propose changes to America’s systems of care that reflect the unique needs and realities of aging adults today and in the future.

“In the wake of the pandemic, the challenges facing working families are more urgent than ever,” said Convergence CEO David Eisner. “Our collective success demands cooperative solutions to promote economic mobility and opportunity for the long term.”

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Sep 6 2022

Column: Respectfully disagreeing may lead to better outcomes

“The nonprofit Convergence Center for Policy Resolution brings together stakeholders who disagree on a social challenge. They select participants who are open-minded, build them into a community based in trust, and give that community tools and guidance on how to work past differences to create policy solutions. The stakeholders take on tough topics like gun control, misinformation and health care. People are deeply divided on these issues, yet Convergence helps them come together to make real change happen.”

Eva Chiang, Managing Director of Leadership and Programming at the George W. Bush Institute, writes on ways to disagree better and accomplish real change.

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