Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery for America’s Workers

Emerging from the current crisis, America must address the needs of low-income workers in crisis, including many millions who are unemployed, as a central element of rebuilding our economy. Stakeholders from Convergence’s past project on economic mobility (called Working Up) have urged Convergence to reconvene them immediately to help ensure that our country’s economic response efforts are as smart, well-rounded, and de-politicized as possible. They believe that this current crisis requires creative efforts, not just by policymakers, but by leaders in the private sector and elsewhere.

We are now reconvening them with a short-term mandate to address the economic fallout of the pandemic on low-income workers, including potential solutions and recommendations in the public, private, and nonprofit realms. Issues likely to receive group consideration include paid sick and family leave, childcare, workforce pathways that creatively reconnect laid-off workers at all life stages to meaningful work, and more. The group will assess existing ideas, share and elevate innovations, build a forum for discussing real time solutions, and bridge to targeted communications to quickly seed important ideas with cross-sector and cross-partisan appeal.