Convergence Center For Policy Resolution

Is Philanthropy Taking The Wrong Approach To Addressing Polarization?

“Rather than funding large or elite organizations, it [New Pluralists, which Convergence is a member of] is seeking candidates ‘rooted within local communities,’ facing “events that risk eroding trust and respect.” If New Pluralists succeeds, it will be a welcome result for the field and a clear demonstration of what’s possible…New discoveries about what is working, if widely shared and consistently funded, could help America get closer to the promise of a pluralist society that welcomes those of all races, religions, ethnicities, and identities.”

Convergence continues to focus on community and building impact through bridging divides and forging consensus around critical national issues among unlikely allies.

Read more from Chris Stackaruk in The Chronicle of Philanthropy about on the importance of innovative practices in bridging communities.

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