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June 2, 2023 12:00 pm
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Charitable giving has the power to influence the political and cultural agenda on a massive scale, advancing progress on critical issues and organizing people around common goals. There is enormous momentum in the philanthropic community today to deploy this power to usher in a more pluralistic and less polarized America, culminating around a high-profile announcement of the donor collaborative The New Pluralists at President Biden’s United We Stand Summit earlier this year. Big donors are largely in agreement about what ails America, but there is far less agreement about how we solve the problem. For our next Convergence Live conversation, we will consider what has worked historically, and where we need to chart a smarter, more inclusive, and more impactful course for using the power of philanthropy to bridge America’s growing divides.

Join us live on YouTube for an engaging conversation between passionate experts, Kathleen Enright, President & CEO of the Council on Foundations, and Chris Stackaruk, Director of Neighborly Faith and Senior Fellow at Cardus. When you do, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our speakers questions and converse among a diverse range of professionals.

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About Convergence Live

Convergence Live is a series of far-ranging discussions with leaders in their fields about finding lasting solutions to problems in American public life with civility and humanity. This series is premised on the belief that we can disagree without hating each other, and that we can find common ground across even the deepest ideological divides to effect positive change.

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